AQUIS Towels & Turbans

by Aquis

Aquis Rapid-Dry Hair Towels and Turbans

Dry your hair 50% faster without friction or heat, protecting it from potential damage

Wet hair is up to 56% weaker and prone to damage and breakage. Water causes hair to stretch and swell which weakens its natural defenses, making it vulnerable to breakage, split ends and color fade.

Towels: $45 for Lisse finish, $50 for Waffle finish

Turbans: $50


• Fights frizz, split ends, tangles and breakage

• Smoothes the cuticle to promote natural shine

• Hair feels softer, stronger and smoother

• 90% of women agree that hair looks less frizzy, healthier, and shinier

• Turban secures around head for hands-free drying

Towels are available in 2 finishes: 

LISSE: Smooth finish for the most gentle drying.

  • Ideal for fine, curly, thinning or fragile hair

WAFFLE: Woven pattern cushions hair to improve control and manageability.

  • Ideal for thick, coarse or unruly hair. 

Turbans are available in single-layer and 2-layer:

  • Single layer Turbans available both Lisse and Waffle finishes.
  • Double layered with Lisse fabric on one side for wet hair and charmeuse on the other side for dry hair to sleep in at night, which prevents friction against the pillowcase and prevents bed head.